i have 2 bags

a tote and a
leather satchel

it couldn't
be more simple.
one aids as a purse
and the canvas tote
carries things,
lots of things

I was in a wood
shop yesterday and
a very manly man
commented on
both of my

i was flattered
because not often
does design speak to
a universal beauty.

he reaffirmed
the importance
of a good bag.

without a question
my makr is my most
loyal companion.

built to last

image credit: makr carry goods


Maria Riazzoli said...

Your blog! It is great!

L.P. said...

I love this. I have more than two bags, but I'm cutting back. I have a Billykirk tote and am waiting for a satchel (Carryall) bag to arrive. I'm hoping that these 2 bags will simplify my choices.

carl auböck architekt said...

my most loyal companion is a
laguiole en aubrac (handle made of juniper)
but never ever a womanly woman in a ,forgive me, swimsuit shop would comment on that very functional tool, that also has religious connotations on the handle (there's a cross on it,it is used as a portable altar by the dordogne peasants)
there must be differences between the functionalities and their traditions, i suppose.

Jen said...

your purse is definitely your most loyal companion.

julia - rockthathorse said...

very very cool bag. what does the purse look like then?

Anonymous said...

Please show us your leather satchel too! ( I remember your previous post about bags, and refer to it often. )

Todd Colby said...

Love the bag. Saw some by Duluth the other day that I was pretty much in awe of too.

v said...

i love that bag! thanks for the link!

miss sophie said...

i love your makr bag! :D such elegant, simple design, very much like the mulberry bayswater.