Salle à manger éclectique

un petit chalet

Cuisine sans armoires

i never tire
of white.

it's the one
color that transforms
and evolves with you.

it accepts all
lifestyles, all incomes
and never ceases to
dignify a space.

all it needs
is a fresh coat.

ph: angus fergusson
maison et demeure


vlad said...

as simple and as beautiful. Good luck.

jem said...

so true. every house i move into, I rent, i paint the inside a fresh white. it creates my own space. hmm, a little like a dog really. can i just say how intrigued i am always by your sensibilties. thank you also for the myriad paths your words lead to.

G said...

you're absolutely white about that

Maison & Demeure said...

Thanks for the mention! It is a lovely cottage indeed.