my family's beloved
84' volvo aka "the grey whale"
200,000 miles with more to go

"the grey whale sessions"

a tribute by
my bro-in-law

i'm missing mexico

ps: tyler's reel

credit: tyler manson


Oli said...

You're so lucky to have your creativity rooted and encouraged in your family, I envy that lol.

L.P. said...

What a terrific video! I also love my old Volvo station wagon, there's nothing like it.

east side bride said...

Our (first) family Volvo was called Moby ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Love your Brothers work!!!! Please keep us updated on "the grey whale sessions".

Emily Donelan said...

yay tyler!

Lucia said...

we had a 1987 volvo 240 until last december. the odometer stopped running in 2004 at mile 208,000. no one knows how many miles were on it when we finally had to bid it farewell. we called it "joe's crazy car," named after the friend who sold it to us for a song when we were down and out. we loved that car like a member of the family; it was my alter ego, my soul sister. thanks for sharing this lovely little video.

nik said...

awesome. i luv surfing. g-love and the crew... he's coming to vancouver in august i think. i luv these types of films.