Grete Schütte-Lihotzky

counter space

Lilly Reich

i have 0

and i kinda like it.
it makes for an easier
clean up.

i have no
need for a larger

i can pivot
and reach every
cabinet from where
i'm standing

Counter Space:
Design and the Modern Kitchen
via the moment

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky's
Frankfurt Kitchen, Germany


Anonymous said...

Without counter space, however efficient it may seem to have none, you lose the expanse of laying out fresh ingredients to prepare a meal

~Celeste~ said...

Oh I love the bottom one!

I have too much counter space. It makes for too much clutter! I crave a simpler life :)

carl auböck architekt said...

i knew schütte-lihotzky,the great old girl- she worked with adolf loos ("..the bourgeois guy.."), later on with hannes meyer and others, was an ardent communist to the end.
"laying out the fresh ingredients", and "craving for a simpler life" is too american to argue about.
at the time this kitchen was invented it was clear that a mother of 5 HAD to cook 3 meals a day with meagre ingredients ("kartoffelgulasch"-
typical socialist food at that time).hard times. when the new houses and structures were finished, also finished was the spirit of it all when hitler came.
the project of humanistic functionalism came to a sudden halt.
schütte fled to the sovietunion, her boyfriend aichholzer,also a great architect was beheaded.

Anonymous said...

Odd that Carl would say that "laying our fresh ingredients" is "too American"--how is this particularly any one nationality?

honeydonthink said...

Some of the best meals I ever made were in my old North Beach flat in San Francisco where the "kitchen" was really the pantry with a dry sink and old gas stove and no counters. I used the wooden table in the dining area to chop and mix and knead holiday dinners for family & friends - sometimes a dozen people or more!

carl auböck architekt said...

it was just tickling me as a bit too fancy, too much concerned with the picture of "the good life", the kitchen freshware aestethics.. a bit with all the concerns of martha stewart and her business.
this frankfurt kitchen idea with its taylor- und fordistic element and soul was a development after common kitchens.
nobody (among worker families) had fresh ingredients at that time.
the well meant naivité i like and it reminds me of marie antoinette (wife of louis XVI) and her famous statement that the hungry people should eat cake when they currently might be out of bread.
so its not only american but also french.. both in the maelstrom of an evident revolution coming up...

Julie-Inspired said...

I feel the same way! My kitchen is pretty big and I have an island but zero counter space. I have shelves to hold my dishes and glasses, and it definitely makes for a simpler kitchen! Have a great weekend!

Julie xo

SuTurno said...

Our kitchen is really tiny, not sure if we like this... every time we need to sort the cooking tools we have to play "tetris"!!!

we love the pink and yellow pottery on the neutral background shelves