what will be
my next move?

1. gerhard richter
2. craig fordham
3. steven meisel
4. i don't know
5. i don't know


Anonymous said...

are you really making the leap!?
we will surely miss you even more, but I have to say, my vote would be BA. If not SF...ha!
I love the craig fordham image by the way.
best, ty

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm. all three would be exciting and stimulating. finished with new york? i can understand that. wish that i could just pick up and move to somewhere new.

Le Bouton said...

bueno aires! buenos aires!

Anonymous said...

I only know Berlin and Barcelona and I would say Berlin! But Buenos Aires sounds very exciting too!

Anonymous said...

I love the Gerhard Richter painting.

One of my best friends moved to Buenos Aires ... but didn't find what she was looking for and came back.

Kate said...

I'm saving up for a trip to Berlin, but honestly I'd rather go to Barcelona - but not my boyfriend, who is hell-bent on Berlin being the greatest place on earth despite never visiting it before:)

Sarah Engel said...

i love those photoes! you're blog is great, and my vote is buenos aires;) but all sound exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

that richter piece is one of my favorites ever. Nice juxtaposition.

Anonymous said...

Is the last photo you? (just wondering...)
Also, the other Anonymous-- kinda creepy, (unless you know this person...)

Anonymous said...

i love barcelona and am heading there in june but suggest buenos aires. i'm biased as my mom (an architect) is from the interior of argentina and dad lives in uruguay. it is a very rare & beautiful city with flavor to 'spare'. it also doesn't hurt that argentina itself is ridiculously gorgeous, vast, stunning and geologically diverse.

and from what I hear of berlin.. a friend who travels there a few times a year can't get enough and compares it to the exciting & carefree vibe that nyc had before times square was sold to disney and the information age struck. art for art's sake.. not celebrity. might be the only time so experience it this way.