chambray work shirts

i'm fascinated by
indigo work shirts

looking for
one like this

but cheaper.

photo credit: sartorialist


the letters i wish i'd written... said...

If you google mens workwear, you get lots of discount sites,or just old DIY shops that sell work clothing, just get the shirt in a smaller size, way cheaper than anything ebay might offer.

Anonymous said...

i would love to know where to find some too


Anonymous said...




*The short sleeve one is actually really much cuter in person... I saw them both at UO over the weekend and loved them too! Good Luck!

Andrea said...

I have an old paper-thin few sizes two big chambray Wrangler shirt left behind by a boy.


Anonymous said...

The rolled up sleeves is almost always nice on a guy.

homemade said...

If you don't know them already, check out a very quirky British brand called Old Town.
Here is a link to one of their shirts.
Scroll down to see some lovely pics.

abby try again said...

this post is so very nice!
and i agree about the rolled up sleeves thing...great.
off to look for work shirts...

Anonymous said...

hi hannes!

Jana FitzGerald said...

i dont know if you already found one, but i have one in my etsy store. chambray work shirts are really the best..