holds his own ground

winter 2009
assembly new york
ph: margo ducharme
by greg armas

On Aug 12, 2009,
at 12:45 AM, greg wrote:

Basically in and out of
society for the past thirty years
playing with legends bill dixon,
pharaoh sanders, sun ra...

I found him sitting
on a bench in front
of my house

new york's fun sometimes


Kate said...

I'm sitting here with my jaw on the floor because I've passed this man playing in tompkins square park the last few days, including this morning only but an hour ago. I had no idea!

New york is so, so crazy.

tony said...

These images are powerful - each one offering a clean-cut facet of a human being. The first dejected; the second the resister; the third the union between musician & his instrument and the last the survivor. Am I reading too much into them or even reading them wrongly ?

joy said...

OMG that is what he looks like now. So powerful. I want him to be my grand dad.

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Too too cool!!

Mary said...

excellent portraits

Backyard Bill said...


Unknown said...


World Elephant said...

wow. can't handle how much I love this. and is that a bass clarinet? i love this man even more.

great pictures. thanks much!

Joanna Goddard said...

what amazing photos. xo

Femme said...

I would love to see if I can cast him in a project I am doing. Does anyone know where I can find him??

cocon said...

just love!!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have him back in music after so long away.