love at first sight

the vintage
kitchen set and
butcher block from
my go-to prop company

just imagine
if you placed these
pieces in an all white
kitchen...the wood
would glow like


Erica Kelly said...

ugh i so agree - they would be such a jewel!

wythe said...

these are absolutely perfect. any chance your go-to source is in brooklyn or manhattan?

Gretchen said...

doesn't get any better.

Anonymous said...

Wood glowing like honey... ah, it sounds a beautiful thing.

porter hovey said...

what a great piece!! i love the hinges on the side.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know if you knew what the kitchen set was called. It's a hoosier cabinet, or at least it is in Indiana. being a hoosier myself, i know these things. :) i have my mom's and it's the jewel of the room.