juan ignacio moralejo
uses the internet better
than anyone.

I have followed
Juan's projects from
sede to postal
to molde to

and now

all brilliant.
quiet in a way.


and of the moment
like a traveler never
sure where next.

but with a strong belief
in continuing the journey
for what may lie ahead.

what I like most
about Juan, as a
designer and

is that he's not afraid
to terminate an idea.

physically delete a website
or cease a printed publication
so a new idea can grow
in it's place.

(always as thoughtful
and considered
as the last)

In this day in age
we must stay true
to our medium

the web is no
place for content
to linger, grow stale,
and collect dust.

and the same
can be said for print.

with creation
comes responsibility.


Anonymous said...

This is terrific. Thanks for sharing the links. Will try and find Sede in the Bay Area. Cheers.

carl auböck architekt said...

too strong an argument!
even the most beautiful girl in the world lingers sometime and is allowed to collect dust even to have stale breath sometimes.
i think the nearer the projects run with along and into and through our lives and world and forward the artifacts whatever they are fleeting or not are true and right.

miss bergie said...

thankyou for this.

Meyer-Lavigne said...

I have followed your blog for many years now – I think it is time to leave a comment and say thank you

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts but I think you are wrong about the notion that with creation comes responsibility. Why should that be? Responsibilty for what--for the thing created? Why should a creator be responsible for his/her work unless it is illegally inciteful? Why should a creator carry the idea of a fabricated burden? Who decides on this kind of responsibility--the public?

carl auböck architekt said...

anonymous-without responsibility theres no quality- look at genet,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHhVydgvuAc,stockhausen, nitsch orall the others.
its never now you see me now you dont..- YOU are responsible.

Anonymous said...

To Carl: Why conflate responsibility with quality? One's talent to create has nothing to do with the ethical sense of civic(?) responsibility--or what kind?--a responsibility to the integrity of the work? Perhaps; but I don't think that's what you mean, is it? The only duty of an artist is to create; any judgment on the art is separate from the artist (is criticism a form of biography?). What the artist is like as a human being does not necessarily disrupt the artist from being able to express. So, what is this responsibility you are mentioning?

carl said...

anonymous, hello there. maybe we struck some interesting string?
well i dont make it too complicated .. in my opinion art builds a direct connection between your self and the world and whatever there might be beyond , i would also take into account, since art comes out of artefacts around religion and creeds..
what art deals with ,how it looks like iwouldnt care much.but the basis is self related morals i'd say.
and these lead to individual qualities that build up individuality in art.
please forgive my english i'm from vienna.

miss bergie said...

given the opportunity, any creative being will instinctively put all energy into creating a reflection of their individual perception of beauty/perfection/meaning/passion; surely every creative being, thus, has a huge responsibility to themselves and their integrity as artists.

carl said...

being from vienna: the moravian born architect adolf loos always ranted about not spirtually related art.
the "ornament"was "allowed" to all peoplecliving under close spiritual rules (in his opinion the maori people for example)
in our sphere christian, european , american it is all up to us to load up the work of art (not so much architecture, which is not "art")with our own sprituality since the one given by local religion already grew too dim to be followed.
embellishing the forms, the architecture there comes in as an act of crime.. a crime against truth.. (here martha stewart, the macramee girls and people following superficial aestethics as social status show off come in..)
following art as a craft and skill (kaspar david friedrich or hermann nitsch or durer)lead to fine spun self made microcosm of decisions all of which are expressions of responsibility.

marion Freel said...

archive is for the old. it never truly disintegrates. but to be of the moment so much as to terminate the past; beautifully written . . .

Juan said...

this reminds me of the sarah records manifesto from 1995