colonial elegance

in my dream life
it would be 1928

I would live
in the house of brick
with big old wooden doors

wear long dresses

weave ribbons
in my hair

open a theater!

and take my
red & blue boat out
for pearl diving.

and your
dream life?


Anonymous said...

1945 Barcelona

Wake up to coffee on a side street.

Spend my days behind a lens.

Spend my nights with the closest of loved ones.

Eat and eat and eat the best of foods. The simplest of foods.

And sleep in the half light of early evening.

Charlotte Teek said...

Medieval Japan
red lips, dark teeth
a view of the dishevelled garden from the verandah
flirting in verse in grey ink
and robes upon robes upon robes

Unknown said...

The bright air of Bhutan.

Wrinkles and smiles.

A roomful of my paintings.

A warm, rumpled bed.

The smell of woodsmoke in my hair.

Courtney said...

1920s Mexico sounds pretty nice. I think I'd pick Spain, however. Or maybe San Francisco?

carl auböck architekt said...

run a filling station+radio/tv and i.n.online station+motorcycle club +repair shop and different other handcraft workshops+recording studio+keith richards sometimes my tutor+wendy+a steady come and go+plenty of room + all of it in the northern vineyards of vienna or near sitges/sp. or carmel/cal. or near san giminiano/pescille/it. or near grasse/fr and
it should be...please on top of some hill with a morning sfumato on the trees if possible.thank you very much.

Unknown said...

white muslin curtains on a wide veranda overlooking the sea and all about is nothing save the sound of the smallest bird and the whale song.

alyssa said...

where in mexico were these lovely photos shot?

a m o u r e t t e said...


is the room in a hotel or a home?

nicole valentine don / little nicki said...

i wish this was facebook and i could simply 'like this'. i feel very overwhelmed by this post of yours. need to ponder. take it all in.

i like this.

tracy said...

My dream life would be to be you

DM said...

1925 London

Just graduated from Oxford after schooling at Eton

Move in with Bright Young Person

Best friends with Beverley Nichols and Nancy Mitford

Champagne becomes a food group and I write about my escapades anonymously for a newspaper

(I obviously think about this often)

Anonymous said...

a rooftop
food from somewhere i trust
honest work that is of use to someone other then me