i'm incredibly
proud to share with
you the latest film by
tyler manson.

its quite
rare to see such
quality filmmaking
and storytelling

and I'm not saying
this because tyler is
my bro in law.

or because i'm
a devoted follower
of Scott Schuman
"The Sartorialist"

everyone knows
that I'm very strict about
what i put on 2 or 3

and will go hungry for days,
not posting a thing and
I apologize for that.

but today
i finally feel
like I've caught
a real big fish

that is truly
inline with the
aesthetic of
this blog:

simple words
clean images and
a sensitive eye.

watch it big


in a few days
I will open up a dialogue
on the newest trend in advertising:
the subtle messaging of brands
via creative storytelling.

get ready.

director: tyler manson
director of photography: joseph aguirre

an ACNE production


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the creative storytelling in advertising post. Just got the latest West Elm catalog in the mail. Have you seen it?

Jay Wen said...

This was lovely. Thank you for sharing.

jen said...

great video. thanks for sharing!

Louie Crumbley said...

Tyler Manson is brilliant. Best short doc or even piece regarding Sartorialist yet. A true talent.

Monique said...

Thanks for sharing this, It was great to get to know Scott a little bit better. Well shot and directed. Happy New Year!

liza said...

That was cool. Beautifully shot. I wanted to know more details about blogging, but I guess sitting around at the computer wasn't on the schedule.

carl auböck architekt said...

thank you,great film -
very good man with an idea.

what always makes me a bit nervous are the hundreds of mania reactions of macramee girls oo+aaing and filling in their own nappy design firm adress.
but only beatles and stones quit public performance when they became too loud and dangerous.

a good blog cannot be screamed down.

v said...

thanks for posting!

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

That was great. Thank you. I'm going to post it now too!

Yolanda said...

A beautiful video! Wow, you must be proud of Tyler. And Scott? *sigh* What an eye!

carl auböck architekt said...

here you see the devouring girlie masses coming up!
scott take care!

Nextracks said...

Thanks for introducing us all to The Sartorialist and to Tyler Manson for such an engaging and insightful video profile. Great minds conspiring on great work.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing! But I think the typography can be much nicer...

christina weber said...

Soft and layered. Beautiful compositions.
Tyler, you're the best. And thanks for sharing, Lee.

Anonymous said...

saw it this morning.. wonderful. what a gorgeous mood he created & captured. love the music, too. any chance you have insight on the music? existing or original composition for the piece?

cat - littleframebigwall said...

such serene styling... also adore the music. made me want to start snapping away with my camera. beautiful.

Unknown said...

thank you for giving the director (and dop) credit...since it was not (unfortunately) mentioned anywhere...

Hmmmm... said...

Yeah... really nice work.

But hey, I noticed zero mention of the director over at The Sartorialist. Whassup with that!?

Jillian Hobbs said...

God I enjoyed this...

Anna said...

This IS truly amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Cindy said...


Anonymous said...

"simple words
clean images and
a sensitive eye"

So true!

Camila F.

miss sophie said...

i really liked this short film too. garance dore has replaced my daily blog street style read in the past year or so, but i like how scott describes the moment before snapping a photo of someone.

i love your blog, by the way! very inspiring and i love your post on quietly understated handbags. embellished handbags kind of scare me. :P

x miss sophie


Unknown said...

I've been wanting to understand that moment of consideration, Scott's actual approach to a stranger. Excellent pacing and 'color' to the piece. And what an original ending!

PS: I take issue with his glib assertion on world homogenization. New York, Paris et al have too changed; only they can absorb that change better. Not so easy for the non-metropolises of the world. Homogenization is occurring; resistance in one form an another, however small, is essential.