a room with a view

he travels
200 days per year
and takes a photo out
of each hotel room he is in.

gerry beckley
is from the group America
he collects vintage tennis shoes
and is one of the nicest people
I've met through this blog.

a few things
he shared with me

1. photos.
the pictures started as a way to stay in touch
with friends & family. here's where I am today
& this is what it looks like out my window.

2. home is fluid.
both my band partner dewey and I
grew up in service families (air force)
as i child I moved every couple of years
... to me, home is a feeling, not a place...

i have found home
in the most surprising of places,
telling me that it's inside of me,
more than anywhere else.

3. collecting tennis shoes.
I spent most of my youth in england.
I played tennis from a very early age into my teens.
we wore very simple canvas plimsoles
or at most dunlop volleys.

that's how it all got started.
I lived in those shoes.

I'm even wearing them
on our first album cover from 1971.

As with all things shoe styles progressed.
it became harder to find these simple old style shoes
so whenever I found a pair I figured I better pick them up
this carried on through my travels, australia... south america
until before I knew it I had far more than I really needed.

4. things I carry always.
... a camera(s)

my best,


Anonymous said...

Well, what a pleasant blast from the past...Ventura Highway in the sunshine.. the nights are stronger than moonshine...alligator lizards in the air.....his photos are clean and clear..just like the straightforwardness of his music. beautifully composed and well thought out. nice way to find focus in a moveable life, like a meditation or a regrouping. Great to know that America is still strong and healthy and taking care of itself....and nothing could be better than white tennies!

Lynnda B.

Jana FitzGerald said...

wow, that is really beautiful. it's funny because when i see brightly colored umbrellas of any pattern, i usually think of some Jacques Tati movie or summertime on the mediterranean. However, that shot is so typically American (even without the flag). I love this. will you look at all those tennis shoes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing this artist to me.
I too am a world traveler and home really is a feeling, but I still need to decide where in this world to have a couch, a bed and all of my photos and call it "home".

This Time Now

Anonymous said...

Horse with no name is one of my favourite songs. America are great, interesting post!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

really interesting post .... I love his description of what home is to him and that he can find it anywhere "home is fluid." I love that... very much how I feel about "home".

LaurenC said...

I love this post. Very cool that you made this connection via your blog. I travel ofen for work and the concept of a "photo a day" intrigues me. It sounds and looks like he is the ultimate wandering artist. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

"Home is a feeling, not a place." I like that. Initially, it sounds mundane, but it really isn't. I rarely think about my home as a feeling. I get way too attached to my material items. I think that's a good way to view life in general as nothing is permanent!

Anonymous said...

yes, beautiful blog. thank you.

Little Rogue said...

I am so glad you take a camera with you everywhere because your photos are amazing! I love the last photograph, it is just brilliant!

t. said...

great great post!

Anonymous said...

Pristine white sneaks. Yep, that's him.
Nice to see some familiar photos here from the multi-faceted Mr. Beckley.
And the Manchester is very recent.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gerry...never knew this about you. The sneaker thing, that is. Always wondered why you had so many.

Now we know.

Anonymous said...

gb you are a never ending source of wonder

Anonymous said...

Simply awesome.

Joanna Goddard said...

how awesome!!! he is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, you're beautiful..and a very interesting man. I too have long felt that home is inside of me wherever I am. Home is where you lay your head, hang your hat, or do whatever it is you do. It truly 'is' wherever you are. Love the white sneaks.