is a good name

i have this problem.

I often skip words when
i write or read..you can see
it happen on this blog


i just get too anxious
and jump ahead of myself

some call it dyslexia.

but maybe I just
need to slow slow down.
not worry about the final result,
and find the patience to enjoy
the means to the end.


Nazara said...

I love this shop!!
I have been thinking about it lately.

hiki said...

Yes! I love stuff comes from this shop.
Mad about enamels, this baking dish is also my favourite, the Japanese "rabbit mark" company makes it and they have great stuff too which you'd probably like :)

Anonymous said...

oh i am absolutey like that....but i'd rather look at it like i am "excited about life" ;)) a postive thing...

caroline said...

i do that too.
i'm a speed-reader at
heart but then i have to
go back and re-read and
that gets annoying.

read me... said...

not only is it a good name! it's a great shop.

Anonymous said...

don't slow down! It's what editors are for. You have a beautiful blog and I love your writing.