art and what...?

because in baja
art is only art,
with beer.

casa dracula

if I had money,
and was a bit older,
I would move down to
mexico and make this old
building into my home

I know exactly what
I would do with it.


paired down
italian Renaissance
for the dark cavernous
interior spaces


Le Bouton said...

why wait?

Anonymous said...

good luck with your mexican hose ;)

Ria said...

art and... How about Party?!?
Art is part of pARTy.

Anonymous said...

got ya on that....

Maia said...

I love those buildings where the original sign has crumbled away, to be completed in an entirely different vein by an accretion of posters or graffiti. There's something so surreal, so William Gibson about it.

famapa said...

just looked through all of your baja posts (please tell me there'll be more) and they're so beautiful and calming. through your eyes it looks like a very special place, so much I so I now dream of going!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this post makes me miss mexico more

Anonymous said...

thats a treble clef, not an &