the story of
yves saint laurent's

by ivan terestchenko

"The glasses were sitting on his
desk in the sanctuary of his bedroom.
They were lying there as if the
landlord would pick them up.

They were his eyes.

What can be more relevant

to such a man and more personal?

I took the glasses and put them on a stool in the hall.

I moved the glasses like I would have moved
man to a place where the light is better.

A post mortem portrait

This was last august,
Saint Laurent had died 1st of June.

That's the story of these glasses."



photo © Ivan Terestchenko


me melodia said...

thank you.
i love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words.

Cerré said...

i think is my favorite post.
can I say that?

Anonymous said...

yes it is because it is really just a lovely thought....
oh and i just saw that ivan t. commented on your last post!! wow...
i checked out his site...quite talented indeed...


Anonymous said...

Ya you can say that, I know it's one of mine.

t. said...

i love those glasses... i wish i can find something similar.