the spice islands


pronounced memories
of taste, touch, smell, sight

thinking of the days
when i was a little
one in indonesia

sticky skin
sticky pink rice
sticky rainforest

tea tree oil
mosquito nets

and palms were
used as unbrellas

and you?

taste, touch & smell
of childhood...

artist: jessica williams
hemp net: asakaya


Anonymous said...

lovely post again...(i am reading proust now..so all of this seems so appropriate..)

Anonymous said...

When I was young our family spent the summers in Kansas on my grandparents farm: evening fields filled with fireflies..sizzling breaded frogs legs in my grandma's skillet.. deafening din of delirious crickets...no-see-ums welting up on bare arms and legs.. a strawberry garden tended by Edna and Bob... a shetland pony in the front yard..ice cream churn on the front porch..my grandmothers piano and the flimsy well used and the aprons that she wore... my grandfathers overalls and his daily naps on the sofa..my screened in porch bedroom..water moccasins in the roadside ditch..i miss my grandmother now passed away..:-)

Anonymous said...

so lovely!

at the age of 5: salty lips from the gulf,

evenings floating along the shore,

sifting for coquina, waiting for soup and crying softly over the jeweled shells.

Ones loss, anothers gain.

more than anything, the scent of the air near the water, more than anything.

years later, returning from NY: I step off the plane and smell the salty humid air and start to cry. My own Madeleine.

Thank you once again for the beautiful words and inspiration.

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

that mosquito net is gorgeous. seriously. beautiful writing; indonesia sounds fascinating. i'd love to visit someday.

Jaime Beechum said...

loma lane
orangevale, california

sweet cherries
hot pavement on bare feet
fresh cut grass
the look out from the top of the grapefruit tree

dairy queen blizzards
sprinklers at dusk

everlasting heat
chlorinate pool
the feeling you get when you do headstands

good to think of
it's been a while.

ieva jansone said...

oh yesss ! all you say makes so much sense to me.. i've been working in my darkroom a lot these days printing black-and-white pictures from the negatives of my brother, year 1973. i was two then. it feels like meditating myself back in time.
and - i came to conclusion that the most early memories are those of the smell and taste, especially the smell! the memory of the body. körpergedächtnis..

lovely blog, btw :)

aapc said...

thanks for stopping by