belarusian towels


all kinds of wood stacks
over at the fat of the land


louise de Lima said...

I love these images and now I've checked out the Fat of the land blog. It's gorgeous isn't it?
Thank you for all the gorgeous things on your blog.

Anu said...

Lovely. Look a bit like Assamese "gamchas". http://www.larsenandthompson.com.au/assam_set.html.

Love the blog btw.

Kylie said...

Wow! I am absolutely speechless! This is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing. K

Livingathens said...

very nice blog. towels from Greece (in some islands) are allmost the same!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the patterns, so beautiful!!

emel said...

these are so lovely.
i love your blog, I have been following it for a while now. In my bookmarks. so it was quite lovely to see that lee left me a comment.
have a wonderful summer and please do keep posting.

all the best,

Foster Huntington said...

thanks for the link,

Unknown said...

Belarusian ornaments are really original, harmonic and beautiful. Every element has its meaning (bread, family, love, sun…). Together those elements are creating unique songs. And there is nothing about wars and weapons in its culture. Really harmonic and tolerant.