a familial bond

i've always loved
the connection between
jane, charlotte & lou

it shines through their
body language, work and
camera presence etc.

it's very appealing.
and very honest.

you can't
say that about
many celebrities.

via fashion spot


easy shapes said...

Hello, she finally comes for the first to Belgian to perform, two times this year. I hope to see here live. she's just great, and she certainly can scream (antichrist: 'YOU BASTARD! WHERE ARE YOU!') creepy

Matador Lucida said...

every aspect of the last image is fantastic... and what a pleasant video.

Unknown said...

Have you read the obit for Mr. Jean-Louis Dumas of Hermes in the May 3 NYT? Mentions his chance meeting with Ms. Birkin and the rest is Style History.

Anonymous said...

I love these photos of Charlotte! She's so beautiful in such a unique way. And her recent album is brilliant.

Unknown said...

stunning. they look like cats.
so elegant without trying to be.

adriana said...

amazing blog!

jaime said...

so true. lovely ladies indeed. i love that they are real. loving your blog as always! thanks.

carl said...

when i look at my wife wendy i some times have to think of jane .. same teeth.. and ..same alertness.
thank you for your seelenvolle fotos.

Jillian Hobbs said...

they are the perfect mixture those three... they seem to have such an amazing bond.

Now you have me wanting to listen to some 60's chanson mmm...

sisters in black frocks said...

beautifully stated... so true. there is something so innately stylish about charlotte, lou and jane. lovely post!

Anonymous said...

do you know what magazine these are from? beautiful!