i'm back.

i like what's happening
below the yellow painting.

not much.

but somehow

luis barragán
mexico city

via ouno

ps: i'm so glad
you liked the book.
to clarify, mozart was a
personal project and
thus not for sale.

but maybe
one day!


honeydonthink said...

Welcome back! Luis Barragan & Ricardo Legorreta are two of my favorite architects - I love their use of color and how aware they are of the landscape where they are building,

SuTurno said...

maybe one day...let´s hope so!

Cinza Azul said...

Barragan was a brilliant architect, amazing artist. Love his works, for sure.

Anonymous said...

What type of wood do you think is used on those stairs?

Leslie said...

That is an intriguing image with the yellow painting -- minimalist but yet it has some punch to it.

Unknown said...

Dear Cerre',

Does it get better than this?
Well it depends.
Just looked at Jasper Conrans' new book
" C O U N T R Y ".
( Jasper fils...not Sir Terence pere. )

Not at all the same aesthetic. Mr.Conran looks at the continuation of ancient customs by people now. An investigation of a time honored tradition of beauty and the love of the majestic powers of the authentic. Yet the purity of spirit shines through in both. It has everything to do with the choice of materials.
Barragan forever!
Jasper Bravo!


MWM said...

I just visited this house in April.
It's quite amazing - and really hard to understand unless you see it in person.
Barragon designed using really large 3D models that you could stick your head into from below.
The placement of the art -especially the paintings -really reinforces the architecture. I've never seen art used in quite this way before.
You should try to visit it if you can. Mexico city is incredible.