to feel completely at ease
in your own private moment

exit through the gift shop

banksy really
is the real deal.

and i'll be honest.
I didn't want to
believe it.

he radiates a level
authenticity I can't
quite pinpoint.

and says
brilliant things
in a matter-of-fact
kind of way

what stands out,
is that unlike most artists,
banksy really doesn't over-think
his words or talk ironically to assert
some kind of cocky authority
over the graffiti scene.

he seems at
ease with himself
and his work.

do you know
what i mean?


G said...

totally. he's honestly brilliant - no bullshit.

nikkole! said...

I just saw it last week. I went in thinking, oh more banksy hype.
I left thinking, he is it! He is true with a capitol T. Agreed, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!!!!!!



rayrayrene said...

yeah, it was the best movie i've seen in years. so funny/brilliant/ironic. conspiracy theory: is he duping us? did he really do all that work [mr. brainwash] and it's a huge hood pulled over the art world and us? i hope so, i don't doubt his genius.

jokemijn said...

i'm very curious about the film.

seesaw designs said...

need to see it.

love these photos.

Emily Donelan said...

are these your photos? love.

Jonny said...

Love the blog. Been following for a while.

I hear he has a second-in-command who does his soundbytes and one liners for him.

Obviously just hearsay, but I think Banksy is more of a machine comprised of individuals than one single entity.

Anonymous said...

though i loved the film, the rumor in nyc is that it is is a complete hoax...google and see what you think

Anonymous said...

though i loved the film, i think the joke is on the viewer....that's the rumor in nyc