heat wave

the vandellas and tina
look so cool in their dresses
dancing ever so smoothly.

and i was just introduced
to big mama thornton

they're helping me
me get through
this heat.


dear katy perry, miley,
rhianna, aguilera, etc

(gaga is an exception)

learn from
these women.

your voices would be
much cooler without all
the props, costumes
and gimmicks.

hyper sexuality is not
exactly sexy.


by land by air by sea said...

well you know
those gals just set the pace.
the hair
the cut of the dress
the little wiggle when they turn
who can match it now.
they were my role models at age 10
and hey- it's a heat wave here too!

neki desu said...

amen to that.
grandi martha and the vandelas !

Anonymous said...

You may tsk-tsk 'hyper-sexuality' but it only reflects what society generates... When girls are sexualized from an early age, why is it a surprise that they grow up to exhibit themselves in such a manner?

Kate said...

I couldn't agree more. Though I think Gaga hides her terrible music behind theatrics that don't fool me.

RSC said...

Thought this article might be of interest on this topic!


PageOne said...

"much cooler without all
the props, costumes
and gimmicks." YES.

Here are 2 sweet ,summery mixes that have helped me get thru this east coast heat:




here's to coolin out

Andrea said...

I think you just solved the mystery of Jens Lekman's inspiration.

Anonymous said...

love martha but everything you said about what is wrong with katy, miley, rhianna, etc describes gaga perfectly.... just my $.02

Jillian Hobbs said...


G said...

Whoa. Big Mama blew me away. Loved it.

lulu said...

you read my mind... awesome.

Missy said...

yes, i agree.

i work with middle school girls and have noticed some severe issues with sexuality. it's got to have a lot to do with the kind of images they see in the media, and their sense of what a female should wear, and how she should act.

the new katy perry video has her naked on a cloud and then with cupcakes over her breasts and snoop dogg as a "pimp" figure. the behind the scenes on mtv had her say, i know you Guys like the cloud bit, *wink, wink*. what message does that give to girls? the next day at work all of the girls were singing it and watching it on youtube...

forget that these women are always trying to one up each other in the sexy department, do they not think of the values they are setting for young girls all over the world.

do they only care about money, fame, and being an object of lust?

what about all of the other terribly neglected attributes of a truly beautiful female?

severely disappointed....

isa g. said...

couldn't agree more. also, I just died a little bit to not have heard of big mama till now. really great voice - and such a nice version of this song! love it!

Anne Keane said...

well said. and love the music refresh you have here!

EAT ME MIKI! said...

wow those videos are awesome!!