loosening up

loosening up

fashion doesn't
have to be so severe

take your shoes off
at the party.

glam it up.

it's about
long dresses

ralph lauren
and the row
for fall

resort 11
with chanel
& phillip lim

ps: feel the cool


lisa said...

you are cool

Anonymous said...

where/what is the first image from?

LaurenC said...

Oh my, I would love to be sitting in that cafe.

Unknown said...

Looks like the majority of Designers and Fashion Houses are proposing terrific options for this phenomenon of a new season in the fashion cycle called "Resort". I read somewhere earlier this week where somebody suggests it is a matter of time before it gets a new name... "Resort" seems inappropiate for what has become a very important chunk of the business for many Fashion and Luxury goods suppliers. And a defined change of how we look at clothes and fashion within our calendar year. The product seems to suggest that It is the seasonless season.
As shows go The Chanel show is my favorite. Mr. Lagerfeld has made destination fashion shows as his solution to showing "Resort" and to date...for divine factor...none other comes close...what a treat to see it all taken to the level he has.
In the film "Lagerfeld Cofidential" it was great to see how a large number of jobs for skilled hands, talented artisans and beautiful people are generated in the industry by these productions. Not to mention the beautiful stuff that will trickle down to the future thrift shop / flea market treasure finds...which will make for many happy girls.
Thanks for the post.