i was feeling kinda blue
until i saw this.

ps: not sure
how i feel about
coppola's new film

it looks like another
take on lost in translation.
yet something is missing
this time around.

what do you
think of the trailer?


Claire said...

hmm, I just watched the trailer just before. really rather lackluster. No desire to see the film whatsoever.

neki desu said...

it does look and feel like LIT!

Isa G. said...

I feel her movies (except from "Virgin Suicides") always tell the same story - hers. The "poor little rich girl with daddy issues..." but in a fabulously produced way - the images are usually really pretty, the soundtrack is great, but the whole thing seems empty.

I fell like she's found an easy formula to succeed and is very, very afraid to try something new.

Cinza Azul said...

love the book

Sara said...

Somewhere: upscale version of "About a Boy" ?.
Matisse/Pentagram book is wonderful.

marie said...

well matisse is always going to make you feel better:)
and the film.. well, it looks ok, time will tell i guess.

Unknown said...

M A T I S S E 4 ever !

red ticking said...

i think her films are so pretty... but this does look tooo predictable and i will boring...
love your blog... so much..
have a great weekend xx pam

galatea. said...

quite refreshing to see another of his work.

thank uu.


This Time Now said...

The film looks like an interesting short film that turned into a feature length that should've stayed a short film.

Somone is bored.

Anonymous said...

I agree with This Time Now, though I apologize for judging it based on the trailer. It looks to me like over-educated, wealthy white people with inside-joke humor and impeccable musical taste who sometimes feel empty inside... yawn.

Janna said...

oooh love matisse.

m.fay said...

LOVE! your blog is sweet. happy to find you. please stop by and say hi!