sound is a beautiful thing
unique to each individual

images from
joey roth's ICFF
presentation in NY


i love how the
volume controller
in the bottom image
looks like a man-made
monument eroded
by years of salt
and sea.

that's right

speakers have
to live a little

new and
shiny gadgets
are old news.


marie said...

couldn't agree more - these are beautiful ;)

Unknown said...

wish I was there :(

Unknown said...

The raw quality of the design should add a nice dimension to the sound, especially if it's somewhat organic.

Rock on with a little Peter Gabriel and Miles Davis for me.


Blakeley said...

Signing culture is also equally beautiful.

Unknown said...

Amen, sister.

Unknown said...

These speakers / object are a testament to their own time...I feel pure enjoyment seeing each generation make its mark when the objects left behind are this good. These speak volumes...happy to know things like this are being made and thought about in our lifetime....B E A U T I F U L !