long hair, long johns

"Jim Bridwell had
a quiver of silk scarves
and he gave me one he thought
suited my personality

bold, but unpretentious.

With hair cuts far and
few between, these scarves
kept our long hair tied back
and, over time, became
part of our style."

- Mike Graham

makes me think
of my super talented
cousin hayden kennedy
who is probably 15,000 ft
on some mountain
right now

following the path
of his parents, hayden has
traveled the world since he
was a child climbing the
most insane rock faces.

and over the years,
it's been fascinating to
peer into their subculture
of climbers and adventurists

real style
in my

so I was flipping through
dean fidelman's photos the other
day and it reminded of my sweet cuz
who I worry about everyday,

but I know hayden is
seeing and doing things
that many 21 year olds
never have the chance
to experience

hayden is
truly living life
to it's fullest.

he ain't
missing anything
in new york city


the stonemasters
must have been some
sort of inspiration to
BOS fall 2011

and check out
my aunt's amazing
film festival in

5 point


by land by air by sea said...

just a fabulous post..just great !

am i showing my age?

i have a photo of walt doing this, would fit right in,

but i've moved over to a new computer and all is lost.

mountains, they are the metaphors of life.



the real mia said...

These photos remind me of old pics of Yvonn Chouinard. Love it.

dedicated exchange server said...

lovely post!

Phaedra H. Martin (Golden Potion) said...

absolutely LOVE it! true grit through & through.

life is happy most of the time. said...

great post! long hair long johns forever!

the letters i wish i'd written... said...

This post is incredible! They look so effortlessly amazing doing the thing they love, inspirational indeed.

Anonymous said...

wish i could attend the festival, just discovered a great film through their site.

Deanna said...

I had the honor of working for one of the premier climbers of the 60's, Royal Robbins. I consider him one of my biggest personal & professional mentors. I am not a climber, but am so inspired by them in so many ways. Thanks for the beautiful post.

patrick said...

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