” English is for business,
Spanish is for working,
Italian is for fighting

and French is
for lovemaking”

Gian Franco Brione
costa careyes, mexico

Gian Franco
photographed by
nancy neil

it's been 3 years now
since nancy photographed
my sister's wedding

she is
the best!


erleichda said...

greek for philosophy....?

I Love Saturdays said...

Wow, that man has serious STYLE! Love the mustard stripes and matching walking stick!

jokemijn said...

love the quote, love the style of this man in the picture.

a m o u r e t t e said...

i think i'm in love with this photo

carl auböck architekt said...

2or3- if you ever decide to get married only get your cake here:

Unknown said...

So what is German for???!!!