studio toogood

 studio toogood

I'm going to say it
right here and right now.

I want to work
for toogood.

ph: tom mannion


John said...

Toogood indeed!

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

I don't blame you, their styling is stunning. I've been meaning to do a post on the corn craft exhibition (you beat me to it). It looks like it was very cool.
Their portfolio is amazing - if we could afford them .... we'll keep dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Lee! that would suit you so much! I think you should try to work with them, and if you do come to London let us know! x

me melodia said...

Me too!
I made a post about wanting to work for them this year as well.
Spot on styling and great taste.

Cerré said...

so who can put me in touch?


Barbara Kleinhans said...

Wheat never looked so good!

Anonymous said...

you can put yourself in touch! send your portfolio, fly to London and show them your passion. I am sure they will value very much that you come all the way from the US to work with them - offer them an internship for a couple of months, they can't say no! then they will see with their eyes that the value of your work is really worth keeping - start it off by sending a letter, instead of an email, directly to Faye - an impressive letter! balls and talent are a sure winner xxx

Colorado Photos said...

Spot on styling.
Great work.
Good pick indeed :)