Kate Moss at 15 by corrine daye

15 by corrine day


"i was just having a laugh.
Corrine just wanted to bring out
everything that i hated
when i was 15.

my bow legs,
the mole on my breast
 the way i laughed."

- kate moss

ph: corrine day, kate, 1990


Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten how pretty she is.

I used to wear my hair like that, back in grade nine - two little hippie braids framing my face!

Horse Hunting said...


Cerré said...

ps: i love the Teva-like sandals she's wearing. so 90's


I bought that issue, I was myself around 15 at the time. I'm sad I let that magazine go away during a round of purging the house.

molly said...

gads, she was gorgeous.

amw said...

still is gorgeous, just in a different , more worldly, way

Colorado Photos said...

Lovely, she looks pretty.
I love that she wore sandles.
Absolutely stunning.