walt cotten

he used to tell me
he got claustrophobic
when there were too
many trees around.

walt cotten
was a true boy
of the desert.

walt always liked
being on top of the world,
places of long vistas


wide   open   spaces

words by beth nelson

1. unknown
2. desert gloves by walt cotten
3. walt's studio, molino street, LA by beth nelson
4. walt's studio, molino street, LA by beth nelson
5. beth in sevilla by paul redmond
6. muley point by walt cotten


mckenzie said...

really nice.

by land by air by sea said...

number five is by paul redmond

artist, muse, friend and confident
sorely missed
by many.

thanks lee

Karen and Sara Brown said...

i love this...

Jana FitzGerald said...

i bizarrely feel the same. having traded in the deserted cacti for redwoods, i find myself sometimes craving that barren, empty space. well, i guess it's not that bizarre. i hella love norcal, but there ain't nothin like the Desert.

"oh give me land lots of land from the starry skies above/don't fence me in"

the anthem of cowboys and desert rats everywhere!

Sam said...

I love your blog. I love Muley Point, one of my favorite spots.

Anonymous said...

desert rat at heart...xxoo

Tacklebox said...

gloves i love

Haley said...

Really enjoyed this, especially the first image and the accompanying text.

Haley Wulfman

Anonymous said...

inspiring! very beautiful.

Tom said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I really enjoyed every bit of it.
Good work..
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Colorado Photos said...

Nice selection.Great choices!
Good pick indeed :)

Kiki Von Glinow said...

wow, a beautiful selection of photographs.


Mel Johnson said...

Thank you for making this. I miss him every day and try to carry on his ideas in my own photography teaching.

I know we all hope he is happy, maybe off in his own desert somewhere..

Ted DRAKE said...

This was nice. Walt was a great teacher and inspiration.

Nani Campanhã said...

Wonderful pics. Make me smile...