i wish i was
half as courageous
as margaret moth
8.21.51 - 3.21.10

moth was very much
a woman behind
the camera

bardot hair
tough as nails.


mike cerre:

"One of the characters
I had to elbow past in the field
and wherever they broke out
the brandy and cigars in the
absence of food and shelter
for the night.

Testimony to the
durability of mascara."

part I
part II


mb said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the life of Margaret Moth.

by land by air by sea said...



and inspired

and certainly more

of what the world needs right now.

Unknown said...

oh man, Lee. Am sitting in the south of France,in a hushed living room, curled in an armchair watching this radically different life from my own, alternately open-mouthed and flinching.

And I've always wondered about the motivations behind those who choose high-risk, war zone reporting. A friend of a friend is such a reporter, and a woman. In her case, it is a profound and relentless sense of moral outrage. That doesn't seem to be Margaret's driving force as put forward by this piece.

All the more interesting then was her anger toward any suggestion of having a death-wish. Because I wonder about how much the tolerance level for danger and its attendant thrills goes up...and what role that does play.

Regardless, the service provided by people, male or female, who serve in these functions, is inarguable. Think of that photo of the little naked Vietnamese girl, running. It was claimed to have a definite role in the withdrawal of the US from Vietnam. Small acts of bravery, big, gestalt shift changes. We should all aim so high.

jeannette said...

What an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing this. She is an inspiration.

Unknown said...

Thank you...this post leaves me feeling stunned + optimistic....to know we are surrounded by true life heroic people. thank you Margaret Moth is now on my MY FAVORITE HEROES list + MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN list + DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN... list. Thank you.

Kelly said...

Thanks for this story. Very inspiring! Next time you are in SF, we should grab a coffee. What do you think?

lisalouise said...

What a wonderful blog!