fair winds and a following sea!

the plastiki set sail
from the SF bay
on saturday

with a storage
cylinder of greens!


TBM who made
this beautiful short
for the plastiki team
was there to capture
the farewell & salute
our modern day

2 or 3 is
going to track the
crew's 11,000 mile
voyage to sydney

on a boat
made out of
plastic bottles!

this will be
an incredibly
risky voyage

the crew
will cross the great
pacific garbage patch
and other ecological sites
to bring attention to
what we are doing
to our planet.

this is
an adventure
worth following.

the crew

david de rothschild - leader
jo royle - skipper / david thomson - co skipper
olav heyerdahl - diver / vern moen - filmmaker
max jourdan - national geographic filmmaker

credit: tyler manson
the new yorker
thessaly la force &
menghan wu


carl said...

what a boat- great idea- may the force be with you all... and -
read melville again before starting off.

Maia said...

Wishing them favorable winds and a benificent sea.

Unknown said...

oh wow! i wish them luck! and great what message they are trying to get across!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting to see them depart from Sausalito and head out the Golden Gate on their voyage. Will be tracking their progress, thanks for sharing with your friends to come along as well.G

Emily Donelan said...


Nancy said...

Have you seen david de rothschild's show 'Eco Trip'? It's worth seeing.

Beata ( B ) said...

So happy you are writing about this! I have been following stories here and there about Rothschild and his gang. Bringing attention to the Pac. Garbage patch!!! Really in favor of ENDING wasteful uses of plastic! Thanks.

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Baing Norwegian I got instantly lured in by the Kontiki name playoff. What a great story!
I will have to follow this story:)

Dolphin said...


Asubiame said...

Oh!!good luck!!!Awaiting to see/read everything about it!!!

Unknown said...

Je suis enthousiasmée par ce projet.Bon vent au PLASTIKI et à son équipage !.

Unknown said...

Pioneers + Pioneering ..... I SALUTE YOU.
PLASTIKI makes ALL the difference.
Thanks for this post.

Catherine said...

The greens cylinder is so clever