throw a sweater over it


dries van noten
"vertigo" f 10

grease 2 may be
the corniest film
in history.

but i remember being
so inspired by michelle pfeiffer's
black sunglasses, red lips and
rolled up sweaters with skirts
and cropped pants

too cool
for school

ps: isabel marant


marie said...

can't wait for sweater weather!

east side bride said...

It's already t-shirt weather in LA. But these are SO. GREAT.

brock street said...

yes, yes and yes. always in search of vintage sweatshirts. last year it was xs for the fit and this year i'm looking for the baggy.

Anonymous said...

I love going to the windy coast (Oregon) to escape the summer heat. It feels so incredible sitting in the sun, in a sweater, not too hot/cold.

Unknown said...

cool cool cool.

Gabriela said...

Yes! I agree also with Grease 2. Michelle P. was such an inspiration! Great posts lately and always, really.

Beth said...

those are really cool skirts!

Jillian Hobbs said...

i adore isabel marant
and Bande à part is my all time favourite movie! I cant get over how lovely Odiel is!

Maia said...

I think a loose sweater over a short, gathered skirt is my favorite look. Works on my figure, in any case. Easy style.

Unknown said...

GREAT inventions........... THE SWEATER...