true story.

my grandmother
was cleaning out her attic
and found a rolled up
litho of gandhi.

it was bit torn
and warped by water
so she gave it to
my mother

my mother was
like "no $%#@"
this is a shahn!

and got it

gandhi's tiny feet
boney hands &
long torso

and shahn's
signature red

makes my
heart sing.


MELI. said...

what a RAD find. :D

Saro said...

This is lovely - the poster and the story. It makes me wonder about the back-story of how your grandmother came to acquire the poster. It also makes me smile, because of the topical synchronicity with my most recent blog post. As always, thanks for sharing.

east side bride said...

my dad found a first edition Sartre, SIGNED, in a box of free books at the Salvation Army.

does that count for something?

Sputnik said...

Great story, the poster is awesome...What a keeper!

Unknown said...

stunning. can I have it ?

DJ said...

The story is touching and the message on the poster is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. Your Grandma and Mom sound really cool too.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's amazing!!

LaurenC said...

makes me miss home and the ghandi print. Can't you just picture running down those steps?

Unknown said...


Breathless Ms. Seberg said...

That's so great...how exciting to find something so wonderful.


Ms. Seberg

Anonymous said...

Miss you.

Unknown said...

Happy...this post got me smiling...a lot...the whole story of this poster....and, of course those funny little feet.
good illustration is a real sucker area for me ...this Ben Shahn...he's a Master. Good find + good judgement on whoever brought Mr Ghandi home the first time.
Thanks.... still smiling.

Nick Sung said...

that's amazing! i like the image of your mom so excited.
gandhi and ben shahn would both be pleased.

bookish said...

ooh where is that book from?

liza said...

A very sweet Ben Shahn owl sold at auction today in NY (Nina Abrams collection) for $3,750. Here's a link to the piece...


ps. love your blog! Have for a while.