just dropped on the web
TBM for converse

olivia is such
a cool girl
just 16.

"I put the chaos
and confusion of
high school on film"


Emily Donelan said...


LaurenC said...

Oliva is wise beyond her years.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome girl! I wish I was even half that cool at 16... And thanks for the Flickr link: gorgeous pics.

Patty said...

That video is so well put together, great editing job!

Muffy Sainte-Marie said...

I love Olivia. But there really is no escape from CORPORATE AMERICA, is there? The "Converse" at the end implies that Olivia is 'owned' by Converse. That if it weren't for Converse, Olivia wouldn't exist.
Everything is marketing, nothing is sacred...nothing means anything unless it can make someone money. Maybe it's time I accepted that...it sure would make life easier!

Victoria Thorne said...

"i can't explain anything without doing it visually"

i'm glad she got to say something. i hope she keeps explaining; it's a lot to say, and well done. (gives me hope for the future, 'tho the corporate spin does give one reason to pause)

Nick Sung said...

nice nice nice.
i'm very happy to see this.