oh man.
has that time
really come.

my favorite shoe

is on its last leg.

its just a matter
of days

someone approached
a few weeks ago and
asked about them

i almost cried.

for my
perfectly fitted
canvas boat shoes.

in beige.

and for my
secret nyc shoe spot

that recently closed.

All i can say
is that
a cobbler in the village
happened to have a penchant
old boat shoes.
he was gold.

sperry no longer
makes them
so narrow and light.

maybe i will write
tops a love letter
and they will feel my pain,
dig through
their warehouse
and send
me an old pair.


Jessica said...

this was a few years ago but when i lived in the financial district there was a tiny store there that had little street level window full of sperry boat shoes. i wonder if it is still there.. sort of near century 21.

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

gosh, this must be really upsetting you - you have posted this twice.

carl said...

i might have a spare pair , but mine are 12 size - sorry.

Cerré said...

i know! whoops. thank you!


The Art Cupboard said...

i'm sorry about the impending doom of your favorite shoes, my mum is going through the same thing. i think you should write sperry, thats a great idea.

amy t. said...

why is it that those classic timeless things seem not to be able to compete with all the garbage produced out there? And if they make a comeback, they don't seem to be like the good old school version. I have a similar sad pair of boat shoes...

mike said...


brock street said...

keep us posted on your sperry outcome. i get where you are coming from...

Unknown said...

i love these shoes.
i feel your pain.

Kerri H. said...

maybe have a friend in Marin stop by Strawberry Shoe Repair for you? Jakob sells lots of Sperry and keeps inventory for decades, it seems. We've seen some cool stuff there in the past. It's in Strawberry Village.

Kelly said...

if its the sole... perhaps a quick fix. If its the top? Perhaps some creative embroidery.

carl auböck architekt said...

"old school"+ "timelessness" is killed by marketing trickery and kid slavery..
everything is shouting too loud and losing intelligence within.

Anonymous said...

check out the white colorway...


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until the second posting that I realized I owned a similar pair once. What brand, color, timeframe? I do not recall (lost decade). They were fun, I remember that. Thanks again.

Ugg Australia said...

The white pair is AMAZING. Absolutely stunning.