the ultimate uniform
i wear something like
this pretty much everyday.

i'm embarassed to
report that for the past
5 days I have been wearing
the same button down shirt
and jeans with a wool
cardigan sweater.

it goes like
this pretty much
every week

it makes life so
much easier.

the less you buy
the less you want


Antoinette said...

I completely agree. The perfect outfit makes life simpler.

Anonymous said...

from where you got is that parca jacket? it great!

Anonymous said...

great looking pieces, you always look beautiful too. GC

CLH said...

Very sharp set, that. Over the last five years or so I've developed a uniform, too, and what you say is so true: I want less & buy less. The simplicity of it is wildly rewarding. I still like looking at really interesting and well-made clothes via a few blogs, but I have no interest in shopping or buying. (Mine = Jeans or cargo-ish pants & a color variety of Prairie Underground hoodies. Done & done.)

Ultraviolet said...

Bravo !!!(giggle)

werkstätte carl auböck said...

some years ago it was usual among posters to ask "may i ask you what you wear right now"... (lol) before industry introduced pc-cameras.
now we know everything because its disclosed.
but your self is only partially in your clothes.. the 5 day sweat residue makes them more complex.
i am sure you use annick goutal along with it all .

Anonymous said...

true true true.
cheers, anne from berlin.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree. however, buying less to me doesnt mean paying more. the less you spend on clothes, the more you can spend on travel and hobbies

werkstätte carl auböck said...

every hobo will agree..

Tess Atkinson said...

this is a great look and I couldn't agree with that last mantra any more! x

Kate said...

So simple. Love your jacket too.

I've been thinking about this idea a lot too. Slowly carving out my own uniform - black jeans, floaty tops, cosy cardigan. As a designer in the fashion industry it seems almost subversive.

Unknown said...

So true!!!


Cherise said...

Love the Oxford Shirt and the last Jacket. I'd wear them both!

Anonymous said...

I, too, dress in uniforms and don't buy much...but I,too, own this very same GI shirt and I wish I had bought 3 of them...it's that good! But the white cuffs are less white each time I send it out...
Also really good with a short grey skirt...

juliemarg said...

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juliemarg said...

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Unknown said...

Agree with your post.

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