battles with minimalism
and uses it at the same time 

marble is able to adorn
without suffocating the
the purity of form

same can be said 
for leather

"details have been left out,
everything has been reduced to the 
most simple technological solution 
and still the result is very rich 
in ornamentation"

there it is.

seeing these pieces
adolf loos would have 
to write a footnote in 



carl auböck architekt said...

cant speak for adolf whom my grandfather knew quite well but he didnt like steeltube chairs and what we call today bauhaus design, he didnt like too was intentional design that takes a ride in your emotions-
he also was basically a stonemason by education and understood different materials as never a adornment but more a display and use of different soul qualities (dye wood in all colors never dye wood in woodcolors)
he was a soul man.

Brianna Renee said...

beautiful pieces. so simple and clean :)

Ivy Lane said...

Love this post!

Card Printing Services said...

Minimalism at it's best. Love the contrast of bold colors with the simple shapes of the furniture.

Tas-ka said...

This looks great!