maria moyer

a friend and
a great mentor.

see her work
in a person

@ rogan
330 bowery


E. said...

Beautiful! It reminds me somewhat of Piet Stockmans' ceramics.

x E.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, with lovely energy. Gina

chibiaion said...

Those pieces are magnificent! A true praise worthy art. :D buy aion accounts

Anonymous said...

Are you in NYC? We need to get a drink and catch up. And I need to get plates. These are pretty tubular. I'm back in a blue period in my life, a la Joni Mitchell...or Picasso, but I like Joni's better. -Jav

Maria said...

Thank you, Lee. I hope you'll come to the "Evening with the Artist" event at Rogan on October 5th. I'd love to see you there.


Andrea said...

Plllllllease post more often! :-)

Allison Jones Design said...

I love her work, thank you so much for bringing it to my attnetion. I love your blog, too! So, inspiring.