the white chimp

I saw a great doc
on Jane Goodall at
the Sausalito Film Fest

I remember seeing Jane
speak when I was 15 or so.
She gave one of the most
inspiring lectures I've
heard in my life

without a doubt,
I think she is the most
influential woman
in the world

an advocate
for chimps and thus
an advocate of humanity

2 or 3 things
you might not know:

Jane's mother
left her provincial
life in Britain to journey
with her to africa and
live in the jungle.

for the 1950's,
it was pretty rare for two
women to do something like that
especially considering Jane was 23
and had no field experience.

the photos above were
taken by national geographic
photog Baron Hugo van Lawick
who was sent to Gombe to photograph
a young woman he heard was
living with the chimps.

they fell
in love.

I can see why.
look how beautiful
she was and still is.


blues said...

great post!
jane is my muse, i love her work.
all women should have at least 1% of jane and the world would be a better place.

Pamela Bates said...

i aboslutely concur. beautiful woman, from the inside out. very wise soul.

a m o u r e t t e said...

she is so amazing.

bminimal said...

your blog always gives me goosebumps. this one more than ever...

erica lorraine scheidt said...

so beautiful.

Daniel Knußmann said...

I appreciate your blog, high class art + music!
Always excited when i see you posting sth. new!

M.M.E. said...

I sort of forgot how long she had been doing her life's work. She's truly a gorgeous person, inside and out.

carl auböck architekt said...

jane inspires me to a story female king kong vice versa type-
great woman intrudes into the chimp world..
all the chimps are worried and she becomes a beautiful challenge for the community..
all rounds up in the jungle .. no empire state building scene of course..
and then the very civilized chimps reveal to her the hideaway of a long forgotten scientist there ..long beard strange type ..(clooney?).. awkhard introduction..
romance.. happy end.

as well with jane could have...also edited a vogue for chimps..she had the looks

Yoli said...

She is one of my heroes. Thank you for this lovely post.

Josefine Laul said...

Thank you - this just made my day!

Brianna Renee said...

Jane is so inspiring. I remember learning more about her work in my anthropology class in college and fell in awe of her determination and compassion for animals.
This little video clip was great, thanks for sharing! It's amazing to watch her interact with them so closely and the baby chimps are so adorable :)

Taryn said...

What an amazing lady ;-)

Eloisa said...

She's been such an inspiration for me since I was in my early teens.
The world needs more people like her.

Bridget said...

She is so beautifu. No plastic there, just a woman living her truth!

820am said...

great post! she is so the white chimp! i had the amazing chance to meet her in LA. and she's beautiful, gracious, intelligent and fierce. a role model for sure. xo, annette