i did not mean to
leave you hanging

you must assume
from my last post
that I'm on a very
long vacation

and you're
becoming a bit bitter
that I'm living such
a life of leisure

or maybe

but to clear the
rumors and afternoon
tea gossip, I am in fact
not in new york.

I am working
on a project

and I'm missing
2 or 3 terribly.

I promise
to get in a better
posting routine
this fall


you're summer
been good?

what's the
best thing you've
done? the best day?

jonas lindstroem


plastic card said...

Excellent post- I think you've given an extremely reasonable response.

Lindsay said...

getting out of the city to search for waterfalls along the delaware river region. it was worth the drive, every mosquito bite, and water-crossing.

carl auböck architekt said...

i mended the roof.

Ivy Lane said...

I climbed Mt. Helena last weekend in Montana...first time out West... was pheNOMenal!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

missandmatch said...

I am loving your blog! The best thing I've done would have to be when I was living in Montreal I traveled to New York City on an over night bus! It has forever changed me.

embodying paradise said...

i packed my stuff and travelled 4000 km to meet my love. i wasn´t even sure if i would find what i was looking for. but after that day i had no doubts.. that was my man .

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Allison Jones Design said...

I did my annual 10 day silent retreat! This year the feeling that bubbles to the surface is Compassion. Last year it was Gratitude. Life is so beautiful & delicious. What was your favorite thing this Summer!?