much like the
design process

bread is a mixture
of flour and water

that is transformed
into something through
the course of fermentation

that transcends
the simplicity of those
basic ingredients

-chad robertson


i miss sf


Oni said...

such a lovely and sweet video! tartine bakery is a gem- love it (and their restaurant). thanks for sharing this! cheers.

LaurenC said...

Please transport me to Tartine for breakfast and Outerlands for dinner.

Janis said...

Perfect. Bread and Tin Hat Trio inspired music. Think I'll take a trip over to 18th and Guerrero today. Thanks for the video.

The Whip said...

what a lovely video. i miss sf too!

eek said...

Oh, wow. I love these people. SF misses you, too.

Maria said...

i miss sf too, headed back on tues...

Sokokashiko said...

What a wonderful video! Very inspiring. I'd love to visit there one day.