owner steve marks
keeps it simple

grab a coke or beer
out of the cooler

explore the suitcase
of magazines

and get a cut

not so much
ephemera or dressings
to feel like every other
"too cool for school"
shop in brooklyn

but just enough to
take you back.

steve bought
the barbershop
from the former
owner, Sal, who
passed away at
80 this year

he kept Sal's original
mural and used it as
inspiration for the
"1970's" remodel

all in all,
its a very friendly place
which is quite a rarity when
you're looking for quality
in nyc these days

how I wish I was
a man with a face
to be shaven!

persons of interest
credit: lee cerré


Anonymous said...

great haircut at a resonable price in a relaxed setting.

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Love it!!

carl said...

2or3: no. you dont want to have a beard.
+ i dont want high heels and a handbag

Anonymous said...

ridiculous...more yuppies trying to turn Brooklyn into Manhattan. Haircuts are horrible...good luck!

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