is not

it's a force
more powerful

gene sharp on
npr this morning

gene's books on
nonviolence truly
changed my life.

as the gulf protests
continue to spread
across the region

my thoughts will
be with the libyans.

we have yet to fully
know the extent of
their national

a force more


chic cham said...

Ghandiji...what a man...

Monique said...

I've been reading a lot about what's been going on in both Libya and Bahrain and your post certainly resonated with me. I'm going to listen to the show right now. Thanks.

Monique said...

Just listened to the piece. It's a very powerful one of collective consciousness.

Anonymous said...

You are careless and hyperbolic calling the violence in Libya a 'genocide'--slaughter, yes, a burgeoning civil war, yes--but genocide, no.

Aaron Stienstra said...

I heard the same interview. I like how he said it was just plain 'unwise' to fight dictatorship with violence. Passive resistance challenges them with something they are not prepared to handle. Brilliant. Thanks for post.

Unknown said...

I've also been consumed by the images coming out of the Mideast (and, tangentially, those coming out of the US Midwest). So many acts of courage (have you seen the bit about the Libyan satellite/computer engineer at the BBC site?). I deeply hope the people achieve the democracy and greater opportunity for equality they seek. The road ahead is still long, and the going difficult: no one can erase the effects of a half-century of dictatorship in a single revolution, no matter how bright and inspiring it might be.