the title sequence

Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona
Title sequence & typography
by Marco Cendron

paired with

very 1940's italian


Anonymous said...

Love that Thank You For Smoking title sequence. Also the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang one. I've yet to see I Am Love, but, yes, it looks great. And these are beautiful screenshots.

jokemijn said...

beautiful! i'm a fan of contrasting typefaces that make a great match somehow.

Todd Colby said...

Love love love this. Perfect for a rainy NYC day.

honeydonthink said...

I love that you bring the title faces to my attention! I was busy swooning over the costume design in I Am Love and equally impressed that Tilda Swinton speaks fluent Italian.

amy t. said...

loved this! apparently it never snows in milan, and this was a freak thing that the director took advantage of for the title sequence.

isa g. said...

This is a great way to waste a couple of hours: http://www.artofthetitle.com/

Flo said...

what a coincidence! today I saw an exhibition of Luca Barcellona in the gallery next door. very nice!

chic cham said...

such a great film, with the light the food and the beauty