south hamilton, MA

making fires
walking the dogs
wet muddy boots
notre dame vs usc
howling coyotes
paddle tennis
no computer
no work

it was nice to
spend thanksgiving
in a new town.


blues said...

it sounds great... howlin'coyotes!

Aino-Maria said...

looks beautiful. many thanks of your blog. it´s inspiring me much.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, serene winter photographs. GC

honeydonthink said...

Love the woodpile Lee and who doesn't love wet muddy boots! I watched a little girl puddle hopping at Tennessee Valley on Thanksgiving Day - her boots were pink though:-)

Yoli said...

What beautiful images and blog.

Tom said...

I've only ever spent the holidays in one of two places. I'd find it so strange to spend it somewhere else. Love the photos, and the blog as ever.

carl said...

how good it must feel to live between the warming pages in the images of a l.l.bean catalogue.

Andres said...

like it. 100% inspirationnal.

rebecca said...

great post. glad i stumbled upon your blog.

In Her Nest said...

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing a happy "smiling" dog and those dogs are oh so happy!

XO In Her Nest