"this is next year somewhere else"


the orchestra &
exceptional set design
can't help but elevate you
into the dream world
of alain resnais

each woman
becomes her own.

her own person
her own style

just as coco would
have liked.

credit: last year in marienbad

ps: symmetry


DM said...

Yes, I thought the same thing when viewing the show. If Coco was still with us, this is a show she would be proud of. Much more than that hayride extravaganza...

Cerré said...

yes! way better than hay bales.


Oli said...

By the time I'm able to attend a Chanel show as a buyer, editor, whatever.. Karl will probably be in heaven lol. Hope not *crosses fingers*

Unknown said...

Remarkable! I wish I had the score following me around all day =)

Ella said...

I so wish I could take a vacation into the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, he is such a genius. The collection is beyond amazing!