a long lost boldini
& love letters tied
with ribbon

For 70 years the Parisian apartment had been left uninhabited,  under lock and key, the rent faithfully paid but no hint of what was  inside.

Credit:AFP/Marc Ottavi


a paris apartment
untouched for 70 years

the woman fled
during WWII and
never returned

but she paid
the rent until
she passed
at 91.

marthe de florian
was quite the muse
back in her day

and the love note
from giovanni boldini
proves her apt is worthy
of 2.1 million pounds

henry samuel


Victoria Thorne said...

good god, this is breathtaking. a thousand thanks.

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

we read about this at the weekend, it's an amazing story isn't it.

by land by air by sea said...

when i saw this in the papers, i absolutely loved it.

especially the letters...as you can imagine.


Mlle Paradis said...

this is a magical story!

The Pea Pod said...

Wow, I'll have to read about this story.

LaurenC said...

i friggin' love this story.

Megan said...

Such an amazing story, thank you for sharing....


Anonymous said...

HI the woman who died and paid rent was the granddaugher of the muse and owner " the artist's former muse and whose granddaughter it was who had left the flat uninhabited for more than half a century. "

galatea. said...

yes i want this.


Courtney said...

this is so interesting, and the images here are beautiful. i don't know why i am so fascinated by old things that belonged to someone i'll never know.

Leigha said...

When I first heard about this my heart was pounding with jealousy...wouldn't it be grand to explore?!?