I'm not big into
illustrated or animated films
but there are a few that really
make my heart sing.

my dog tulip

there's something
that pen & ink does that
that film can't do.

what is it?

i have trouble
articulating my


Anonymous said...

Unarticulated possibilities that are only visible when not show in the reality of film. Or, the chance to believe in something that is normally not tangible. Attachment to the child like imagination.

Something like that, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

pen and ink seems more individualistic than the collaborative effort of a movie, no matter a director's singular vision

copywaitress said...

Someone above wrote so clever that I can write only one (or two;) - true, true... great movie!

This Time Now said...

You share the most delightful things.

Thank you.

shipbuilding said...

I keep thinking about this...
maybe it has something to do with seeing the mark of the hand and the kind of things it conjures up...
the pen, the ink, the brush, the paper...