unzipped, 1995

if the design world
isn't inundated with success stories,
it's about cool apartments, "it girls"
and street style fashions.

how lame we
are to constantly talk
about our possessions.
our aesthetic.

so what.
who cares.

it's simply

we need more stories
that share those great moments
of inspiration, vulnerability
rejection and doubt.

i find that part of
the creative process
the most genius.


far more
illustrative than
the material things we
surround ourselves with

i saw unzipped
when i was 10 and
it exposed me to
the reality of
a dreamer

and it made
me want design
and new york
even more.

love is
not without

isaac mizarhiis is proof
that great artists are not always
riding high in april

but with a dream
and a grand imagination
you'll always find a way to
get back in the race.

dream big


Anonymous said...

Lee, you blow me away! Oh yea! Thats Life! G

Anonymous said...

what a load of truth lee cerre, start a magazine, or a revolution, please!

LaurenC said...

I could watch Issac all day long.

brigitte said...


marie said...


L.P. said...

Thank you! This is what we need to hear. I like pretty things as much as the next woman, but it's ideas and seeing what's beyond the pretty things that really inspires me. Great post, and much needed!

Anonymous said...

You make a false conflation when you write of 'possessions' and 'aesthetic' as if they particularly reflect each other. They don't. You can have an aesthetic without referring to a posession, and a possession without it being based on an aesthetic (a gift not of your choice, for example)...

The creative process is very difficult to articulate (esp. as "stories" you wish for) because much of it takes place mentally and much of it takes place contingently (as an "aha" moment, for example)...

The rest of your post is a bit incohesively thought through... So not really sure what you are talking about or what you are trying to convey...

Cerré said...

sounds good.

Claudette said...

The entire creative process is based on aesthetics. And the end result is most likely going to be a "posession": buildings, books, films, etc. I would be careful to call all of that just decoration. You obviously understand what a good designer goes through (including that stress and doubt) to make things, then you must certainly know that some things are more than just decorations or possessions.

I see what you're saying, I just think it's a fragmented thought. A good one, but fragmented.

Anonymous said...

lee cerre, keep doing what you do, cause no one is as good being yourself as your very own self.

Canoe said...

Thank you for posting this--I knew exactly what you meant. I watched Unzipped when I was in high school and it started my lifelong love affair with Isaac. The vulnerability and silliness he reveals in the film made me feel sane and normal as a young creative.

Have you read Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit? If not, you will truly enjoy it.

Thanks for all your posts and thoughts--I often find myself nodding as I read your blog, thinking "she is so dead on".