railroad living

after my last
entry, i feel like an
oxymoron posting this.
"feel"....no "I am" an

call me out.

but in my defense,
this is time sensitive


J is the only
person i know
who can make
"split-pea" green
look rad.

full bleed
18" x 24"

support my friend
and her lovely homestead
with a VOTE


Sara said...

i love your friend's apartment, and the paintings in it! I wanted to vote for it but 'the selby' wants too much personal information- they want too much access. too bad they didn't just want to put things on my wall. sorry.

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

wow I see a bunch of beautiful chairs
in one room..amazing!!

Inspired said...

Beautiful home...and I voted! Have a great night!

Julie xo

lisa said...

hi there,
a friend in LA recommended your blog. i like it a lot. here's mine, if you feel like checking it out.


honeydonthink said...

Great apartment in Williamsburg (love the nest) and I don't think you're an oxymoron Lee - just very honest in public!Sometimes, when we feel like the world is whirling out of control and beyond our reach, we become hyper-aware of our closer surroundings. Desire to balance "form & function" can make our homes and ourselves the sanctuary we need to live compassionately. I don't think it's about how much something costs - just one facet of awareness.

honeydonthink said...

I just got an e-mail from CB2 Lee and your friend Jordan is in the toop 50 finalist - Congratulations!